About Us

Gym Depot is all about getting you the right Equipment and Gym Wear at the right prices. We want you, no matter how busy your days or how small the space, to get the right workout to stay in shape and feel confident!

We're a small company looking to make a difference with the products we scour the internet and discover for you. Started in 2017, we found there's just isn't a store specializing in home gym equipment, no guides, nothing, so we started out looking to make a difference.

After living in apartments and small condos for the past few years and I found it incredibly limiting in order to get an effective workout done. Always creative and looking for simple ways to solve any issue that arises, I researched and researched effective options and products to solve this. I wanted to find a way to fit all the products I needed for an effective workout in the corner of my apartment without it being cumbersome to set up or expensive.

We're always open and listening to our customers! If there is something you think is missing, we should look into, or articles you'd like to see, let us know! We'll do the work for you and get you rolling in no time.

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